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International Tourism Development

Rosita Yiu is Principal for her companies, International Tourism Development (ITD) and Alliance Global Development. Her great expertise in the area of Chinese tourism--she was once Ambassador of the Accor Group for development activities in China--make her ideally suited to offer the following services:

  • Lead and provide advice on the development of business in China
  • Development and investment in hotels in China and other countries
  • Consultancy practice in China's tourism and hospitality sectors: information, analysis, consulting, advice and coaching for destinations
  • Travel and Tourism business development
  • Expertise on luxury tours
  • Innovation and development in Chinese tourism
  • Innovation and set-up the Asian standard
  • Expert on hospitality for Chinese clients: communication and cultural gaps
  • Representative for the hotels: development of sales
Some of Rosita Yiu's current major clients are:
  • Accor Hotels
  • Choice Hotels
  • Louvre Hotels